Sage Foundation Student Spotlight: Shantele Johnston

SCNM 3rd and 4th year medical students have the opportunity to complete a portion of their clinical rotations at 7 community clinics throughout the Valley. These clinics provide underserved communities the ability to receive quality healthcare at little to no cost to them. The clinics also allow the students to see patients from all walks of life, including those in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, domestic violence survivors, children and families, and those living below the poverty line. SCNM student Shantele Johnston has practiced at Roosevelt Health Center, SCNM’s newest Community Clinic. Here is her experience in her own words.

“Roosevelt Health Clinic has offered me an invaluable opportunity in furthering my career in naturopathic medicine, and extending my reach into the community. As one of the most rewarding experiences in my academic career, community health offers us students the ability to see a wide array of pathologies, and truly puts our clinical thinking skills to the test. We are often the first, and only, point of contact for these underserved communities, and it is a responsibility that is not taken lightly. Our clinical skills are only one part of the story, however, as we are forced to come up with creative solutions and compromise, because many of our patients have limited resources. The work that we put in, is not taken for granted by those that we help. These populations are truly some of the most compliant, generous, and thankful patients that I have had the honor of working with. It is patients and experiences like these that help to remind us why we are in medicine, and fuel our passion as budding doctors.”

The SCNM Sage Foundation helps provide the funding to run these clinics. Without the support of donors, grantors, and the community, thousands of Arizonans would be without care. Thank you for your support!