SCNM Student Perpectives - Maly and Tasmin

We recently sat down to speak with SCNM students Maly Strietzel and Tasmin Wilheim about their experience at the SCNM Roosevelt Health Clinic. This Community Clinic is located within the Roosevelt School District and is the first SCNM Community Clinic designed to incorporate group healthcare visits and, with the help of other nonprofit partners, encourage communal health education. Within the 4000 square foot center, third- and fourth-year SCNM clinical students as well as other healthcare professionals help to provide the best medical care the Roosevelt community from 19 different schools within the district borders has seen.

Community Clinics are a vital part of SCNM's student education, offering the students an experience that is different that what they would see at the medical center on SCNM's campus. It helps them become better doctors, and the community continues to "appreciate how thorough we (the medical staff at the Roosevelt Health Clinic) can be with them... and that we try to get to the root cause of whatever conditions that they have."

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