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Changing Lives

SCNM Sage Foundation Changing Lives Recovery Program

Changing Lives is a recovery program offering long-term, comprehensive services to women and children. The facility can house and provide for approximately 200 patients. The 12- to 18-month program provides a stable, nurturing environment where women work through addiction and abuse issues. They receive life skills education and counseling, which helps them become self-sufficient by leading to career assessment and job placement.

Student clinicians focus on basic supplementation, acupuncture, physical medicine and homeopathy as
they help patients recovering from addiction, pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Located in central Phoenix, Changing Lives is a program of Phoenix Rescue Mission, an organization that
offers Christ-centered services for men, women and children who are struggling with homelessness, drug addiction and trauma.

Click here to help support the program through SCNM’s Sage Foundation!