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Hamilton Elementary School

SCNM Sage Foundation Hamilton Elementary

“Not only do our student clinicians get to work with children, but they get to care for a population that needs our services more than anyone. It’s a constant reminder of why we are in the medical field.”  -Dr. Matthew Baral, SCNM faculty

Arthur M. Hamilton Elementary, located in the Murphy School District, is typical of schools in Phoenix’s underprivileged neighborhoods. It serves mostly minority children, many from the nearby housing projects, and almost all with household incomes below the poverty line.

Established in 2002, the SCNM clinic at Hamilton Elementary was one of SCNM’s first naturopathic community clinics. Before the SCNM clinic, Hamilton students were only able to get emergency services. They couldn’t get yearly check-ups and many families would not seek medical care except in the most extreme circumstances.

Now, SCNM student clinicians provide more than 900 patient visits per year to students and their families at the naturopathic clinic. The clinic features five exam rooms, a private teaching room, a medicinary and a waiting room.

The most prevalent concerns patients present include diabetes, obesity, asthma in the school, learning disabilities and ADD.

Learn more about SCNM’s impact on Hamilton Elementary here and click here to help support the clinic through SCNM’s Sage Foundation!