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Sojourner Center

SCNM Sage Foundation Sojourner Center

As the largest domestic violence shelter in the United States, Sojourner Center has been an advocate for domestic violence victims and survivors since 1977. Over the years, Sojourner has provided shelter and support services to tens of thousands of women and children affected by domestic violence.

Sojourner’s empowerment programs are designed to help abused women form a new set of beliefs,
essentially making the transition from a survival mentality to a thought process that focuses on their future.

Sojourner’s empowerment belief aligns with the “docere” principle of naturopathic medicine where the
physician is the teacher. By educating patients about living a healthier life, naturopathic doctors and students are empowering their patients to make the smart decisions about their health and wellness.

SCNM has provided care at Sojourner Center for more than a decade. The clinic offers lab testing,
diagnostic imaging, prescription medicine and non-prescription medicines including supplements.

Patients are seen for a wide array of issues ranging from depression, insomnia and anxiety to routine
concerns like colds, flus and back pain. With this training, they focus on the challenges that come with trauma from domestic violence.

Student clinicians will employ the full scope of naturopathic modalities, including nutritional counseling,
lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, homeopathy, supplementation and botanical medicine to address emotional recovery and self-sustainability. SCNM offers free supplements and prescriptions to patients treated in the clinic.

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