“We are trying to move patients into a frame of mind that gives them the confidence to go out and challenge themselves to be something.” -Dr. David Arneson, SCNM faculty

The World Addiction and Health Institute (WAHI), in central Phoenix, is the vision of SCNM alumnus and faculty member Dr. David Arneson. Dr. Arneson and SCNM developed this clinic to offer the community free substance-abuse treatment, and also to offer SCNM students a unique learning opportunity. The clinic has been open since 2007.

At WAHI, the first step in treatment is nutrition. Years of addiction can compromise an individual’s gut
and the ability to absorb nutrients. The body must be in balance before moving onto the next stage of treatment. Student clinicians and physicians begin with IV therapy to rehydrate, increase electrolytes and give the patient necessary vitamins and minerals. After IV therapy, patients transition into easy-to-digest oral amino acid protocol. At that point, students and physicians can truly assess the patient’s history and mental health state to start determining the root cause of the addiction.

Healing the trauma and inspiring a spiritual connection are the next steps in treatment. The goal at
WAHI is to assist addicts in seeing their potential and gaining confidence to succeed.