A Patient's Adelante Experience

The most rewarding part of working with the SCNM Sage Foundation is when patients tell us how we have positively impacted their lives.  We were thrilled to receive a handwritten letter from a patient in Mesa telling us how her experience at the SCNM Community Clinic at Adelante has helped her since moving to Arizona. 

Sarah* relocated to Mesa, Arizona in 2015 to care for her aging mother, but shortly after arriving she began to feel ill and developed issues with her respiratory system. She struggled with her new health problems as well as her existing neuropathy, all while becoming her mother’s primary caretaker.  This made her transition of moving to Arizona very difficult. 

Fortunately, Sarah was referred to the SCNM Community Clinic at Adelante where she quickly began treatment under the care of Dr. Hesler and SCNM student physicians. Sarah says “I trust Dr. Hesler’s super-vision to help me continue healing. Under his care my neuropathy has ended completely and numerous other conditions are improving with each visit.” Sarah continued to express her gratitude toward the holistic care she received at the clinic by sharing “I am heard, supported and gently challenged in just the ways I need! This care has literally made it possible for me to continue caring for my mother and stay in a part-time teaching job I love. I can’t imagine how I would have survived without SCNM at Adelante. Thank you for this great blessing!”

We strongly believe in the importance of providing quality natural healthcare for those most in need, and our supporters make this possible.  We cannot thank our generous donors enough for helping make such a positive difference in the community. They are the backbone of the SCNM Sage Foundation and allow such valuable work to take place.

*Name changed for patient privacy.