Patient Stories: Theresa

"My visits to the SCNM Roosevelt Health Center have been life changing. I came to the clinic because I was having back pain that was being treated with drugs, shots and surgery had become an option. Today, my back feels strong and pain free due to my acupuncture visits.

When I came to the clinic I did not know that they were going to treat the whole me. With such thoughtful questions during the time they spent with me, they recognized my stress and the cause of it. Through my visits, I have had such open conversations and feel myself becoming the real me. Dr. Feria treats me like I am an important person that she is caring for. She checks on me at every visit and the students are able to learn from a truly wonderful teacher and person. I leave the clinic with a calm peace and a wonderful attitude. This treatment and experience has made me the happy healthy person I am meant to be. Many, many thanks."