Changing lives

SCNM Receives Healthcare Partner Service Award From Phoenix Rescue Mission

In 2015, SCNM formed a partnership with Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center (CLC), a rehabilitation facility for women recovering from addiction. The center offers long-term, comprehensive services to these women and their children while helping them rebuild their lives.

The Changing Lives facility can house approximately 200 women and children and offers a 12- to-18-month program for women to work through addiction and abuse issues. SCNM provides these women and children with onsite free quality healthcare twice a week. This allows our third and fourth year medical students an opportunity to gain valuable experience and hands on training while also providing health services to those in need.

Pictured above is Dr. Cara Lan, SCNM adjunct faculty and naturopathic physician as well as Pam Morrison, Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Community Relationship Officer and SCNM students. Dr. Lan told us, “SCNM's partnership with Changing Lives has been truly rewarding for the patients, students and myself. The women we treat have come to Changing Lives with life-long histories of abuse, addiction and sometimes homelessness. Most of these women grew up in abusive homes, and because cycles perpetuate, find themselves trapped in continued experiences of abuse and addiction with little chance of getting out. The program at Changing Lives is nothing short of a miracle for these women, providing all the resources needed to heal old traumas, learn how to live without addiction and obtain the necessary skills to be fully self-sufficient. The experience of working at Changing Lives for us, as clinicians, is so rewarding because the women we treat are highly motivated to make long-lasting changes.”

SCNM is honored to receive the Healthcare Partner Service Award from Phoenix Rescue Mission recognizing the services we provide to Changing Lives Center clients. We are thrilled with this partnership and look forward to many more years serving the community!