Student Perspectives: Tiffany Turner

Meet future doctor, Tiffany Turner. Tiffany is a 4th year medical student and can’t wait to make an impact in the world of healthcare. Among the many valuable lessons and memories she has gained at SCNM, some of her favorite came from her shifts at the community clinics. Here is what she has to say:

“My time working at the SCNM community clinics has been rewarding both personally and educationally. At these clinics, I get to see a wide range of patient backgrounds and conditions while learning to work efficiently with the resources at hand. I am touched by the connections my fellow students and I have created with these patients…the relationships I’ve seen are heartwarming. Listening to a diverse array of personal stories is not only a fantastic learning experience but more importantly a privilege in gaining patients’ trust. At the community clinics, there is a tremendous sense of being part of a team. The overseeing doctors are supportive and peers are happy to jump in and help when needed. I look forward to these shifts every week.”

During her clinical rotations, Tiffany has spent time at Sojourner, The River Source and Changing Lives. We appreciate her hard work and dedication to community health and cannot wait to see her accomplishments after graduation.